Process in place for Oreo Super Bowl moment and beyond. 
 Recipes was a big area of opportunity for Oreo. Research showed us there was an existing behavior among consumers using Oreo cookies to "remix" their own recipes and reinvent the standard "Oreo dunk." Playing into food culture and hacking trend, we combined both concepts and created Oreo Snack Hacks. It all started with a Facebook post and it evolved into Vine videos, to a full-fledge campaign using some of the biggest names in food culture, as well as the launch of a dedicated Tumblr.    
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 Every once in a while we created something  really  special. Conducting daily social listening and keeping a pulse on real time platforms like Twitter, we were able to ignite mini cultural moments. Like when we challenged Kit Kat to a game of Tic-Tac-Toe thanks to a very special fan. These types of brand-to-brand engagements, along with the press that follows has helped us grow our following in all our spaces from Facebook to Twitter, Vine, Istagram and Tumblr, exponentially over the last two years.
 In early 2013, OREO launched their new6-cookie Grab & Go pack, targeted at reconnecting with brand-lapsed millennials who don't buy big boxes of cookies at their local big-box stores. SXSW served as the perfect moment to get the word out. But how do we get a bunch of OREO - indifferent attendees to care about this new product. We got them to do what they’re already do at SXSW: take lots of photos. Except, we helped superimpose them into the foreground of an Austin hot spot. We introduced the Grab, Guess & Go interactive wall at SXSW. How did it work? They had seconds to guess where they were. If they did, they got a gift card for that location. And even if you guessed wrong, you got a gift bag full of fun OREO stuff like phone chargers, flash drives, t-shirts and, of course, an OREO Grab & Go pack. We also partnered with social by design influencers to help spread the word. It was a win-win for everyone who played.
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