freelance brand strategist

Lexie Pérez is The Digital Culturalist.  A hybrid creative and strategist with 7 + years of experience in digital marketing, brand strategy, integrated marketing, social media marketing and over 2 decades of culture consumption. Lexie Pérez learned her trade from entrepreneurial projects and developing digital and social strategies and campaigns for  some of the world's biggest brands including Samsung Mobile, Google Maps, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and Oreo at award winning agencies - Big Spaceship, 360i and Publicis Group.  Her work has been awarded by Cannes, CLIO, Facebook, The Shorty's. 

While her concentration lies in developing social strategies, her approach involves thinking beyond social resulting in custom solutions, not a one-size fits all. Her philosophy is as follows - in order for social media to work effectively, it has to be a functioning part of a digital ecosystem, with all parts working in tandem, to create success and measurable ROI. This is well suited for a world that is mobile, modern and highly social. She has a deep understanding of the social landscape, motivations in the space, insight into how consumers engage with different channels and platforms, and real experience helping brands achieve real business & brand objectives. Pair the aforementioned with her insatiable curiosity for how innovation drives communication and behaviors, Lexie is swiss army knife asset - helping solve problems both strategically and creatively. 

Lexie got her start in the entertainment and television world - where she helped promote television shows and bridge the gap of musicians and fans musicians with non-traditional methods. Some of these musicians and brands include - Wyclef Jean, Kendrick Lamar, NBC Universal, CNN. 

She firmly believes in the art of storytelling. Stories can change attitudes, perspectives and hearts. The right story is born from listening, not telling. The best stories are rooted in experiences, culture and possibilities. 

Areas of expertise: 

Brand Audit / Digital Strategy / Social Strategy / Tone of Voice (Workshop & Development) / Content Marketing / Content Strategy / Competitive Analysis/ Trend Spotting & Trend Forecasting / Social Media Marketing / Influencer Marketing / Email Marketing / Creativity & Innovation / Technology  (trends & education)  / Quantitive & Qualitative Research

Lexie is a native New Yorkers who now resides in The Bay Area. She has an unhealthy obsession with both music and her uber cute cairn terrier, named NOLA. 

Let's. Work. Together.